David Imiri

About David Imiri:

I have been an explorer, mentor, teacher, counselor, bodyworker, group leader, practitioner of healing arts, and spiritual heart-friend for three decades. Recently I’ve returned to school to pursue my masters in transpersonal psychology. I’ve been told I have unique abilities of holding space, insight and articulation, intuition and loving challenge, and nurturing care. I’m blessed to have taken initiation in a number of spiritual traditions, and been mentored by ground breaking trailblazers. I’m devotional by nature, and my special pleasure is in mentoring clients and beloved friends into greater love, authenticity, true self-empowerment, and expansive possibility. I aim to do all things in a spirit of skillful, rigorous, creative play and adventure. I’m here to love, to enjoy life, and to be a part of our great awakening. Namaste…


“Wow! No words. Heart wide, smile bright, energy flowing in deeeeeep appreciation. Receiving and savoring. Grateful. So much appreciation for all the heart, body and spirit wisdom that you bring in each precious unfolding moment. Thank you David. Your essence brings so much medicine.”
~ Lorina Manzanita, Somatic Relationship Coach and Workshop Leader, CA

“Just finished a LUSHous workshop with David Imiri and every cell in my being is radiant with Sutras. If you’re looking for an inspirational, life changing, heart flowering, self pampering, nurturing set of experiences to take with you through life…”
~ Artemis

“David is a holistic slow jam tantra event master. He creates an open and supportive space to feel into the moment in full sensuality experiential mode with yourself and others in a safe and nurturing way. I was overflowing with heart opening after the events! Highly recommended!”
~ Paul Antico

“I see that you are a real master of love, and that you excel in guiding people into a space of flowing relaxed openness and presence. Your voice was wonderful to listen to.”
~ Amara Karuna, Tantra teacher, HI

“Thank you for showing us what an emotionally available and rooted masculine looks like.”
~ Cathleene Cienfuegos, Tantra Teacher, CA

“I loved how expansive, articulate, and precise you were about specific aspects of the heart awakening process – the missing piece of Tantra taught elsewhere. If you want advanced guidance for deepening into your heart center, go be in this man’s field – he’s brilliant.”
~ Jill Nagle, founder, Wisdom Of The Body, CA

“Take this before signing up for other Tantra workshops – it gives a necessary foundation for working with oneself.”
~ A workshop leader, CA

“I felt safe and seen, and overall the quality of what David shared was high. David comes truly from his heart, things become light around him. David knows how to shift pain to love and acceptance, like no other. A man who knows the heart of women and men who long to turn to love. Your openness and wisdom, your genuine love and interest, inspired our new fresh approach, learned from you: to love to love to love. Thank you David”
~ Carolina, HI

“Thank you, David. I still remember how lyrical your words were in that class I took with you. They danced off your lips, through my ears, swirling through my brain and found solace in my heart. <3”
~ Amy from LA

“Yes totally beautiful, luscious night of heart centered communication, flow and intimacy! Thank you David for creating such an authentic heart space for us to commune in!!!”
~ Leah Zahner

“A lot of the juiciest work with David is subtle and under the surface. Even if it seems slower or less intense than other Tantric workshops, my experience is that this is more sustainable, integratable, enjoyable, and authentic.”
~ A Tantra teacher, CA

“A safe space to experience yourself more deeply in a group setting where the Heart Field is leading the way, awakening with passion, allowing and welcoming what arises.”
~ Carla Dharma Silva, SF

“Be ready to dive deep. The opportunity is there and David provides a safe supportive space.”
~ Anne Marie, Santa Rosa CA

“The space that was created was so permissive, so accepting & inclusive that I found myself opening more into connection with the other participants, much more than I expected. My cup runneth over with awakened love energy ♥”
~ Sumati Sparks, CA

“David holds a beautiful, welcoming, and forgiving space. His passion is clearly directed towards life and in service to the awakening of all. His wisdom runs deep and thorough. Satisfying for the mind, heart, and body.”
~ Lisa Price, Oakland CA

“I’ve worked with David Imiri, both in group settings, and in a one-on-one situation. I have found him to be totally authentic, and a master of his work. When someone has truly mastered his work, the wisdom and clarity just flow. That is the case with David. There was never any phony, airy-fairy bullshit that can sometimes arise in a “consciousness” or “personal growth” or “spiritual” or “tantra” workshop. It’s obvious that David truly loves and cares about the people that show up as his students. He is able to create an incredibly safe space, and a space where people can go very deeply within to parts of themselves that need healing, or need expression. Blocks to love and feeling can melt in the presence and deep listening that he offers. I recommend David’s work to anyone who feels a calling to be fully expressed in love, aliveness, and fulfillment.”
~ Joyce Gerber, Owner of Health Is An Inside Job

“David is pretty awake. There is a way his hands energetically transmit the teaching. Big Tantric Awakening, relating including sexuality. I sensed he perceives a lot more than could be spoken/touched on/worked with in this intro.”
~ Eva, CA

“From the start David gave us a warm welcome, and treated us in a professional manner. He showed a very solid and extensive knowledge of his field, of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. From the start, he put us all at ease, carefully describing areas we would cover, and the boundaries to be observed. Throughout the exercise he was respectful of our needs, and answered questions with clarity and skill. All through the exercise I felt safe, and well cared for by our teacher. I felt I achieved considerable personal growth from his leadership.”
~ Edmund, CA

“I enjoyed the puja on Saturday night! David set a loving inclusive tone that manifested into a field of healing energy. I liked that there was enough time to get to know each partner and say goodbye in a natural way. He was flexible in moving with the needs of the group.”
~ Warren, CA


“After a few sessions with David, I experienced a transformational change. I woke up in the middle of the night and everything was different. I hadn’t been aware of the degree to which I weighed the opinions of others and my past experience until it was no longer there. FREEDOM. I am now more present, interactive, and alive, instead of introspective and quiet. Decisions now come from awareness available in the present moment rather than from the past. As you would put it CONNECTION TO MYSELF. Overnight, I got at a deeper level what those three words mean. The awareness of new energetics and ways of embodying the choice is priceless. I fully take up space, and have more fun. A whole new world of choices and options have opened up. Much love and gratitude.”
~ L.C.

“I’m so grateful to know David and to work with him as a Tantric partner, friend and healer. David embodies such deep presence and wisdom, I am truly inspired by him. He is certainly up to the task of holding space for emotional triggers when/if they arise to help heal them, and his unconditional love, clarity, and way of being is a breath of fresh air for anyone who is looking to embody more of their sexual and sensual nature. He honors boundaries and holds such beautiful space for the feminine. He is compassionate and so loving and warm. I feel blessed by his presence.”
~ Paloma

“My sessions with David have brought me some of the most profound healings I have experienced. He has the ability to intuit needs and desires from a deep place of reverence for the mysteries of the erotic healing arts, and move us both, with integrity and care, into the energy that arises within that space. With laser sharp awareness, his exquisitely responsive hands, heart, and breath move in time with my own rhythms. Each session I find myself deepening ever more into a peaceful surrender to the unfolding of my own process that leaves me both enlivened and deeply relaxed. I highly recommend David to anyone who wants to drop deeply into themselves, cradled within the safe and loving container that he holds.”
~ Gwen

“Oh my god you are amazing. Every time we meet with you, we seem to evolve in our relationship. Your expertise and kindness are priceless. I am in awe about how perceptive you continue to be. It’s pretty incredible. Thank you for your help. Eternally grateful. ♡”
~ Jennie

“I am amazed at how effective David’s methods are. By gently guiding me through difficult emotions and situations, he helped me achieve a powerful, trusting, and meaningful relationship with my partner as well as with myself. We are super happy with the work David has done with us, both individually and as a couple. I did not know it was even possible to have such a conscious, loving relationship but here we are – and David helped us get there! David, I cannot thank you enough!”
~ Aron S, Avian Zoologist

“I want to let you know that the event, as well as the healing session you gave me, have had a lasting and deep effect on my overall sexual energy. It gave me a boost that i needed to take a step to the next level of vitality, and get the help I needed to restore my sexual passion.”
~ Amara Karuna, Tantra Teacher

“Without a doubt David Imiri came into my life and assisted myself as well as my partner through some very crucial transitions. I believe that without his loving presence we would not be where we are today. I believe firmly in coaching as a catalyst for transformation in oneself and one’s relationships. David Imiri is an excellent catalyst. I highly recommend him. Much love”
~ T

“David, I want to share some credit I received with you. I just gave a powerful healing session to a client of mine, and when he got off the table, he basically bowed down low and was in a state of gratitude and awe I haven’t seen yet in receivers… And I truly think you helping me tend to my heart had a lot to do with how much love I could channel through my hands. So there… Thanks for being with me in session.”
~ A Healer & Life Coach

“David was so welcoming, so warm and easy, I felt at ease right from the start. And oh, to be met, so deeply and fully met, in ways I didn’t even know I wanted, in ways I haven’t even been meeting myself. I felt seen, and better than seen — beheld — in my entirety, beheld and approved and celebrated. In every word, gesture, touch, I felt David’s intention to gently remind me, to convince me, of my goddessness, It was truly a gift beyond words.”
~ A Private Client

“David’s massage is therapeutic and deep. He always puts me into a beautiful space where I am totally relaxed and at peace. He is connected to his intuition and knows just what is needed where and when. I highly recommend his massage work to reduce stress and create rejuvenation. He is also generous with his time and focuses on relaxation of the whole being.”
~ Dr. Ann West

“David Imiri is a beautiful soul who has a very divine attitude towards love and uses his healing hands for the betterment of the individuals in his life. Whether you want a hug or a massage, David is ready to make himself completely present to offer you his absolute best. I used to manage a high end massage clinic and can be quite directive in my needs being heard and met. All that being said, David has enabled me to relax with his genuine gift of deep caring and sweetness, which is not often found in most male masseurs.”
~ Melinda

“I have just had one of the best Tantric massages I have ever experienced! David was sensitive to my needs while knowing exactly what I needed. He asked for consent whenever he felt moved to offer something new. I felt very safe with him. I will certainly come back when next I visit San Francisco from Australia”
~ A Private Client, AU

“My girlfriend and I were experiencing incompatibilities in our relationship. David counseled each of us individually and together. While we were not able to resolve our issues to a degree that would enable us to continue living together, this was by no means due to any shortcomings on David’s part. His insights helped both of us tremendously, enabling each of us to better understand the terrain we were navigating, and resulting in what may possibly be the sweetest and most loving relationship between two “ex”-lovers known to man. Yes, our friends and families are baffled as to why we had to come apart, but neither of us would trade our current relationship for anything we can imagine.”
~ Liam

Infinite gratitude- overflowing with tears for several days in a row now. Transforming. Integrating. Thanking Creator for sending someone into my life who could help open my heart like never before. I’m feeling the love right now xoxoxo
~ A Client


David’s diverse training, work, and life experience includes:

2010’s and beyond
· Return to academia to pursue masters in transpersonal psychology
· Birth of my first bio-child, Jan 2019
· 3 yrs. Extensive touring & leading trainings through 6 US states and BC Canada
· 1.5 yrs. Establish, teach at, & host presenters at ‘Devanta Tantra Center’ in Seattle WA
· 2 yrs. Establish, teach at, & host presenters at ‘The Love Temple’ in Hidden Valley Lake CA
· Extensive collaboration in the ‘Love Coach Academy’ w/ Scott Catamas, incl. hosting and presenting at retreats
· Northern California Local Coordinator for ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience
· 6 mo. ‘Sacred Paths to Erotic Bliss’ Tantra training with Evalena Rose
· 7 yrs. raising 2 step-children, extensive participation in Waldorf school & Rudolf Steiner studies
· 1 yr. ‘Heart of Relating’ Mastery program with Sonika Tinker & Christian Pederson
· 6 mo. residency on staff at ‘Kahua Institute & Tantra Temple’ on Maui with Kutira & Raphael
· 2 yrs. on staff with ‘MotherWave Awakening Trainings’ with Katie & Jitendra Darling
· 3 yrs. mentorship with Oberon & Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart
· 1 yr. in Diamond Heart Training with AH Almaas
· 2 yrs. mentorship with Antero Alli
· Introductory Tantra trainings with Charles and Caroline Muir
· Organizer & participant in ‘Sacred Connections’ Tantric gatherings
· Organizer & participant in ‘Sacred Uses of Sacred Substances’ Stan Grof based psychedelic group
· Extensive studies of psychedelic psychotherapy and shamanism
· 6 mo. Breema bodywork training with founder Malouchek Mooshan and Jon Schreiber
· Extensive participation in Native American Church peyote ceremonies with Rutherford Lone Man (Arapaho)
· 1 yr. AA degree Heartwood Institute, incl. certifications ‘Polarity Therapist’ with Bruce Burger and ‘Alchemical Hypnotherapist’ with David Quigley
· Holistic Studies MA program at Interface Institute with Dawna Markova and Andy Bryner
· 2 yrs. intensive assisting with EST/Landmark incl. the ‘Power of Being’ Seminar Series and the ‘6 day course’
· 2 yrs. attended School of Visual Arts NYC

Other influential mentors David has worked with personally include:

· Anodea Judith
· Arnold Mindell
· Claudio Naranjo
· Starhawk
· Francesca De Grandis (Feri tradition Celtic shamanism)
· Terence McKenna (next door neighbor for 1 yr.)
· Tian Gong Grandmaster Le-Tian Da Shi and Master Tian Jia Mu
· Lama Shakya Zangpo (Segyu Rinpoche: Healing Buddha Foundation)
· Gangaji
· Drunvalo

And thank you Gabor Mate, Peter Levine, Marshall Rosenberg, John Welwood, Ken Wilber, Daniel Odier, David Deida, Osho, Stanislav Grof, Byron Katie, Robert Moore, RA Wilson, Hafiz, Rumi, and Jon Anderson ~

Special note: Long ago, I survived some pretty extreme experiences of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, PTSD, and depression which disrupted my life for a decade. I’m completely free of all that for many years now, and it was all a part of my healing and awakening of course. It could’ve been a lot shorter and easier if I knew then what I know now, which I wouldn’t trade for anything, and for which I have reverent gratitude.