Session Work with David Imiri

My Work is Rapid, Deep, and Gentle

] I have 30 years experience
] I get right to the root of the matter
] I work with abundant love & humor
] I use an Essence oriented approach, authentic presence in the here & now

How Do I Work?

Where is your Energy?
Right here, right now, where is the Living Energy, and where is your Attention?
That’s how we start, we find the living energy, and the attention, and bring them together.
The Living Energy is your Needs, Values, Longings, and Desires.
They want to move you in all kinds of ways, that bring relief and fulfillment.
Your energy has it’s own profound intelligence, and it needs to move!

But our Energy and Attention are all too often tangled up and not flowing together.
The Energy gets stuck in our Beliefs, Conditioning, Identities, and Trauma.
That results in looping, disconnection, reactivity, and unnecessary limitations.
And our Attention is on our Stories, Narratives, and Interpretations.
Those are Concepts, and they take us away from our Experience,
from what’s actually happening, right here and now – from Connection with our Energy.
It’s only through our Connection with ourselves, with the living energy,
that we can connect accurately and productively with our needs & desires, our loved ones, our world.
What we’re Longing for, our Heart’s Desire, is always right here in this moment, waiting to be met.
We just bring Loving Curiosity and Presence to what we are Experiencing right now.
Wherever there’s heat and energy, discomfort or desire – just pick a thread and pull –
it will lead us towards the fulfillment of your Heart’s Desires.
The blossom unfolds, one petal at a time, from the inside, all the way home.

That’s how I work.
Following your Energy, bringing your Attention back to your Experience, gently unraveling
the tangles of Beliefs, Conditioning, Identities, and Trauma – using Skillful Means.
Liberating your own innate movement towards the fulfillment of your
Needs, Values, Longings, and Desires.

In this way, we address everything you bring to sessions, and all your goals.
Whether you are working on issues of Communication, Intimacy, Sex, Empowerment, Work,
Family, Health & Energy Problems, Harmful Habits, Conscious Creation, Tantra – Anything…
We’ll resolve problems and get the energy moving, in Step-By-Step Practical Ways,
but with a Difference. You’ll be gaining Profound Understandings and Skills
that dispel confusion and support Genuine Spiritual Awakening.

This work brings Rapid Deep Results, as you become more adept at
Embracing and Navigating the contents of your own Experience,
Holding Space for your Authentic Self, and
Following the Energy.


I look forward to many Passionate Awakenings with you!

Free Consultation Request

Request a FREE Consultation Now

About the consult:

] Generally about 30 minutes long
] Over Zoom video conference (preferred) or phone
] We’ll get to know each other a bit, share or ask any questions
] Tell me about your needs and situation, and feel me out
] I’ll honestly tell you my thoughts, feelings, and suggestions
] We’ll explore if and how we are a fit to work together
] We’ll discuss and consolidate your goals for our work
] I’ll explain the logistics and agreements for working together

Details & Pricing

Session Work Details

Individual Sessions:

  • All sessions except Daka work are typically 1-1.5 hours, we leave a 2 hour slot as a buffer.
  • Sessions can flow freely to any topic, modality, or content type as needed.
  • Daka sessions are 3 hours, and include a 30 minute follow up call or visit.
  • Sessions must be paid for in advance. (except installment plans)
  • Coaching/counseling sessions can be via Zoom video conference (this works great!), or in person if we are in the same city.
  • House calls for Daka work or intensives may be available for an additional fee, depending on distance and timing.
  • It is most effective (and more economical) to commit to a package of sessions, but you are welcome to book one at a time.
  • Packages may be paid for up front (best discount) or in an installment plan (additional fee, but still discounted).
  • Installment plans auto-debit the agreed amount weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly until complete.
  • Flow of sessions is as needed. Often people want sessions closer together at the start of working together.
  • Once per week is a good frequency, closer is possible if you request.
  • More than 2 weeks between coaching sessions really thins out the container, and is not recommended.
  • Daka sessions work well at intervals of 1-3 weeks apart.
  • Sliding scale or scholarships may be available, please ask if genuinely needed. <3

For Couples and Groups:

  • Couple sessions can be for Love Coaching, Tantra Guidance, Communication Coaching, or Mediation.
  • When working with couples I do a preliminary free consultation for each party before beginning.
  • Couples in packages typically use some sessions for each individually, and some for both together.
  • I also work with groups: Poly Love Coaching, Business/Project groups, or Visioning & Community Building.
  • I am also available for Restorative Justice & Compassionate Interventions, start with a free consultation please.
  • Group sessions typically are longer, custom pricing discussed at free consultation.
  • The other policies above also apply to couple & group sessions.
Session & Package Pricing

Costs for sessions and packages:

Number Session Type Time in Session Cost in one payment Each Cost with Installments Each
1  Individual: Coaching or Bodywork  1-1.5 hours $175 $175 n/a n/a
12  Individual Session Package   1-1.5 hours $1800  $150  $1920  $160
1  Couple Session   1-1.5 hours $200  $200 n/a  n/a
12 Couple Session Package   1-1.5 hours $2100  $175  $2220  $185
1 Daka Session (+ 30 min follow up) 3 Hours $400  $400 n/a  n/a
5 Daka Session (+ 30 min follow up) 3 hours $1750 $350 $1800 $360

Special Bonus:
with any package of sessions, get a 10% discount on registration for any major training.