Session Work with David Imiri

My Work is Rapid, Deep, and Gentle

I guarantee you will fully achieve all your goals for our work together (and more)…
…within one package of sessions…
…or your money back!

How can I do this?

♥ I have 30 years experience
♥ I get right to the root of the matter
♥ I work with abundant love & humor
♥ I use an Essence oriented approach, authentic presence in the here & now
♥ I don’t want you hanging around “working on stuff”, I want you moving on to the next level
♥ I’ve been there and back myself…

I look forward to many Passionate Awakenings with you!

Free Consultation Request

About the consult:

♥ Generally about 30 minutes long
♥ Over Zoom video conference (preferred) or phone
♥ We’ll get to know each other a bit, share or ask any questions
♥ Tell me about your needs and situation, and feel me out
♥ I’ll honestly tell you my thoughts, feelings, and suggestions
♥ We’ll explore if and how we are a fit to work together
♥ We’ll discuss and consolidate your goals for our work
♥ I’ll explain the logistics and agreements for working together

Details & Pricing

Session Work Details

Individual Sessions:

  • All sessions except Daka work are typically 1-1.5 hours, we leave a 2 hour slot as a buffer.
  • Sessions can flow freely to any topic, modality, or content type as needed.
  • Daka sessions are 3 hours, and include a 30 minute follow up call or visit.
  • Sessions must be paid for in advance. (except installment plans)
  • Coaching/counseling sessions can be via Zoom video conference (this works great!), or in person if we are in the same city.
  • House calls may be available for an additional fee, depending on distance and timing.
  • It is most effective (and more economical) to commit to a package of sessions, but you are welcome to book one at a time.
  • Packages may be paid for up front (best discount) or in an installment plan (additional fee, but still discounted).
  • Installment plans auto-debit the agreed amount weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly until complete.
  • Flow of sessions is as needed. Often people want sessions closer together at the start of working together.
  • Once per week is a good frequency, closer is possible if you request.
  • More than 2 weeks between coaching sessions really thins out the container, and is not recommended.
  • Daka sessions work well at intervals of 1-3 weeks apart.
  • Sliding scale or scholarships may be available, please ask if genuinely needed. <3

For Couples and Groups:

  • Couple sessions can be for Love Coaching, Tantra Guidance, Communication Coaching, or Mediation.
  • When working with couples I do a preliminary free consultation for each party before beginning.
  • Couples in packages typically use some sessions for each individually, and some for both together.
  • I also work with groups: Poly Love Coaching, Business/Project groups, or Visioning & Community Building.
  • I am also available for Restorative Justice & Compassionate Interventions, start with a free consultation please.
  • Group sessions typically are longer, custom pricing discussed at free consultation.
  • The other policies above also apply to couple & group sessions.
Session & Package Pricing

Costs for sessions and packages:

Number Session Type Time in Session Cost in one payment Each Cost with Installments Each
1  Individual: Coaching or Bodywork  1-1.5 hours $175 $175 n/a n/a
12  Individual Session Package   1-1.5 hours $1800  $150  $1920  $160
1  Couple Session   1-1.5 hours $200  $200 n/a  n/a
12 Couple Session Package   1-1.5 hours $2100  $175  $2220  $185
1 Daka Session (+ 30 min follow up) 3 Hours $400  $400 n/a  n/a
5 Daka Session (+ 30 min follow up) 3 hours $1750 $350 $1800 $360

Special Bonus:
with any package of sessions, get a 10% discount on registration for any major training.