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About Zoom Video Conferences

(Important stuff, please read!)

Unless we are meeting in person at my studio, our meeting will be on Zoom Video Conference.

The button above opens my default meeting room. Please don't click it until our meeting time, except for testing. If you'd like to test, go ahead - it will work if I'm not in a session, but if there's one in progress the room will be locked and your connection will be refused. If that happens just try again later. 🙏🏼

At the time of our session, please be in a comfortable private space, as much as possible, with a good internet connection (ethernet if possible), or a mobile device on WiFi. Computer is best, but mobile device works fine too. Bookmark this page for scheduling or starting sessions.

You just click the red button above at the time of the session and it will open our meeting in the software if you have installed it, or in a browser if not (it will install a plugin the first time), or open in the app if you're on a phone. (app must be installed first for phone)

Please install the software or app beforehand if this is your first time. Go to for desktop client, or to your app store on phone and search for "Zoom". It's great software, I use it for all my sessions and webinars.

Restarting your device shortly before a session insures best performance, as with all video calling. Please try to test your audio & video before your first time. If audio or video don't appear to be working at first, there are settings in the lower left of Zoom to get the right mic and speaker settings selected. But don't worry, we'll be able to sort anything out together.

(About recording: My Zoom account is set up to record automatically by default. This means I'll have a recording of our session, and can provide it on request. Many clients have found this helpful. These recordings are for personal review and reflection only, and are strictly private and confidential, they will never be shared publicly without permission. I ask the same from you with recordings you request. The only exception is that I may occasionally show a short excerpt of a session that shows only me, and does not have any trace of your image or voice, and does not reveal personally identifiable elements of your process. An example might be me leading a meditation or teaching about a topic. Your session recordings may discarded in time if they are not requested.)

I look forward to our meeting!
Payment Policies (click to open)
Cancellation/Refund policies:

* All sales and/or donations are final. No cash refunds are provided, with the exception of services that cannot be delivered and genuine emergencies. A genuine emergency is an unexpected event that demands immediate attention to avoid dire consequences.
* All funds paid or donated for services or events which have not been used are fully transferable, and may be used for any other services or events offered, or by another appropriate person provided by the payer. Good for one year from date of payment.
* Like most professionals, I require 48 hours notice for cancelling or rescheduling sessions when there is no emergency. For less than 48 hours notice, 50% of the session fee is due. An appointment rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice counts as a cancellation and a new session.
* All packages of sessions and/or events are considered a contract representing one sale or service, and all of the above applies.
* All the above applies whether the package has been paid in full, or has been extended through a payment plan or subscription. A payment plan or subscription is a contract. Clicking the payment button constitutes your consent, the same as a signature.
* CA law provides for a three day cancellation period on most contracts, like packages or payment plans, after which time cash refund requests are not valid. In CA law, a verbal agreement is an enforceable contract.
* In the event that a package or payment plan is cancelled by client before it is paid in full, with the exception of services that cannot be delivered and genuine emergencies, a cancellation fee of 50% of all remaining payment is due. Please be sure of your choices.
* In the event of dissatisfaction with services that have been delivered, a solution may be negotiated that may include a partial or full refund, depending on circumstances.
* All participants in Passionate Awakenings services or events agree to resolve any disputes through non-adversarial means, based upon “Compassionate Communication” (NVC) methods.
* Thank you for this mutual respect.

Passionate Awakenings operates ethically, and aims to resolve any disputes in a cooperative and fair manner. Like most professionals I ask you to hold your purchase as a commitment. It’s always frustrating when one has to pay for services not received for any reason. I hate to have to ask this, but I’ve thought about it a lot, and decided that this is the ethical way for us both to respect ourselves and our relationship. Policies like this are pretty standard for this industry, I hope and trust you will understand and honor this.
Mahalo ~

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