Apprenticeship with David

Be a personal assistant for Passionate Awakenings, and receive mentoring and/or sessions


Who is this for

Do any or all describe you?

☸ You want ongoing personal session work for free
☸ You want to teach Tantra and/or Awakening
☸ You want to learn about running a workshop business
☸ You are a Dakini or Daka and want to up your game
☸ You want to become a Dakini or Daka
☸ You want to participate in many Tantra events
☸ You want to dive into the community of Tantra leaders
☸ You want to raise your vibration a few notches!

What does it take

Do you have these qualities?

☸ You have time to devote to this
☸ You take commitments seriously
☸ You are trainable
☸ You are a good communicator
☸ You have good attention to details
☸ You have sincere enthusiasm
☸ You are resourceful and proactive
☸ You are feeling excited (maybe a little scared) now…



I’ve been doing counseling and bodywork for 30 years. I’ve been practicing Tantra for 20 years. I lived on staff at a Tantra temple on Maui for 6 months in 2001, and taken many trainings. I’ve been teaching Tantra and offering Daka sessions professionally for over 4 years. I know many leaders and rising stars in the field, and have a large network. I’ve presented successful workshops around the bay area, and around the world, including major venues like Kalani on the big island, and recently mounted several successful multi-state and international tours. I was trained at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, and I’ve done all my own marketing, artwork, and websites for all these years, and taken courses on internet marketing. I’m gaining in recognition and respect, my work is expanding rapidly. I’ve paid my dues and done this kind of support work for my own precious teachers over many years, and now that things are expanding I really need support so I can focus mainly on the things that only I can do. Pay is possible as development allows, but mainly barter for starters.

What I can do for you

☸ Regular sessions: coaching/counseling, bodywork/massage,
Daka/Tantra work
☸ You are welcome at any of my events and courses
☸ You have the opportunity to tour with me (not required)
☸ You may be invited to lead segments at events, or collaborate
☸ Mentoring/Teaching in anything I am skilled at
☸ Paid role in Passionate Awakenings as development allows
☸ I have a great time doing all this, and it’s contagious!


This will be a highly customized situation, depending on your skills, time available, and goals. I’m offering a huge value in open ended availability to you, and working side by side. Your needs will be a priority for me, and I want mine to be a priority for you. I’ll do everything I can to support you in your Healing/Awakening/Tantra work, and your professional development, if that is part of your desire. I am easy to work with and flexible, and I want that in return. I’m a very good, clear, and careful communicator, and I value that quality highly. I’m building a strong smart business, and I need competent reliable help to grow with me. I only want transactions that are a hell yes for everyone! I’m very generous, and a devoted mentor and friend. I’m imagining a trial period of one to three months, followed by a commitment of six months to one year. The future will find itself from there…

The help I need

☸ Organizing and booking tours, festivals, local workshops
☸ Communicating with attendees before and after events
☸ Onsite help: greeting/registration, setup/breakdown (local at least)
☸ Last minute communications/details day before and day of events
☸ Getting me exposure, including major interviews and media attention
☸ Help setting up courses and classes, online & local
☸ Marketing tasks: Facebook, Meetup Groups, Advertising, etc.
☸ Other artistic and/or technical tasks, as skills allow

And let me say one more thing. Wow, I love millennials! And I love spiritual folks who like to live in the flow, and value flexibility. I fully support that, I’m like that myself. And I know if you’re looking at this you’re probably in transition, and many things may be unknown looking forward.

But I don’t respect flakiness or avoidance. Care and communication are top values for me, and if I invest time in you, I need you to stay in communication, keep agreements and appointments, and care about my needs, as I care about yours. Please take a realistic look at your history, if this is not well within your current capacity, we won’t make a good match for this position. Better to just ask for a quick limited barter or sliding scale on a session. Thank you!

If you got past this, then by all means click below, I can’t wait to meet you!