Tantric Breathwork & Cuddles

What is “Tantric Breathwork”? Is this like pranayama?

Well no, this isn’t like that. Most things folks would call Tantric Breathwork ARE forms of pranayama, but this is a deep experiential reclining breathwork session with music, more like Holotropic or Rebirthing type breathwork. I’m offering and holding it as a White Tantra practice here, with a specific intent.

The idea is that we have ways our system is set up to resist or narrow down the flow of energy, which interferes with our experience of freedom, pleasure, and power in life and in Tantra. There’s an edge beyond which we are uncomfortable with the feeling of energy flowing freely, which forms kind of a ceiling or lid on the energy we can experience, I call that our Alive-O-Stat. It’s like a thermostat that keeps the energy within an allowed comfort zone. That’s usually connected to ways we were suppressed in the past, and our ideas of what is “appropriate” and safe to feel and express. This kind of breathwork helps us expand that range, and lift our Alive-O-Stat setting. Ultimately that feels good, and helps us open to waves of pleasure, which is a Tantric capacity. But often there’s also challenging emotions there that need to flow to open the pipes. So we might experience either waves of pleasure or emotional release in this breathing, in any combination. We also might experience the numbness and disconnection that’s separating us from strong energies and feelings. It’s all part of the process.

Then what’s the cuddles? Are we cuddling while we do the breathing?

No, we’ll do the breathing in our own space, then have sharing and a break. The cuddles are optional after that. It’s not intended to be a sexual experience, and no one will actually have sex. But this isn’t an official “Cuddle Party” brand experience, and we’re more free to explore Tantric connecting and intimacy in ways we feel moved, with our own healthy boundaries, and respect for the comfort of everyone.

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Passionate Awakenings is Restructuring!

Passionate Awakenings Updates: Here's the News

I'm hard at work creating the next wave of trainings & services to support you better than ever - getting ready to emerge from my teaching sabbatical. Look for new offerings in the coming months.
Baby Jason was born 1/3/19! He's thriving and growing by leaps and bounds, what an amazing being! We are very blessed...


I'm still available for session work as always, in person or over Zoom video conference.
I've been doing this for 30 years, and I'm confident you'll be very happy with the rapid deep results I help folks achieve. You'll get the most out of working within a package of sessions, but you can always sample one...


Online Courses are coming! Starting with Empowered Communication and Trigger Happy, these evening workshops will now be multi-session hybrid courses with live and virtual attendees.

EMBRACING THE BELOVED Awakened Relationship Training

I'm super excited to announce that the Core Training is developing into EMBRACING THE BELOVED: a 6 month program with intensive residential weekends, online group & private sessions, membership site, and ongoing community support. I've known for some time that this work needs a deeper container and ongoing learning community to be all it can be, and here it is. We'll have the time to sip the lessons, integrate, and grow together in the group. It will include the content from Self-Sourcing, Erotic Devotion, and Awakening the Constant Heart, expanded and enhanced as a Rigorous Multidimensional Mystery School. Everything you need to master COMMUNICATION, TRIGGERS, and the science of Creating Fulfilling Stable RELATIONSHIPS THAT WORK & UPLIFT. Install a durable foundation for Spiritual Awakening, and re-thread all your relationships to that octave...


KEYS TO FREEDOM, formerly Level 4 of the Core Training, is being reinvented as a 3 month Advanced Training in Empowerment, Manifestation, and Thriving in Abundance. If Relationship is the can opener that ignites the fires of Awakening and opens our hearts, POWER is the goal posts. It's what there is to do with an open heart, and mastering our Personal Power is the only way to stabilize our Heart Awakening and keep it from frequently crumbling. Prosperity, Power Relations, Intentional Creation, & Fully Embodied Awakening...
The EHA (Erotic Healing Arts) Practitioner Certification is alive & well, and will be offered again in 2020. This extended mentorship will take you deep into the Jedi level skills in releasing trauma into ecstatic pleasure & intimacy - for you and your beloved(s), Tantra buddies, & clients.

Join us and make 2019 your BREAKTHROUGH AWAKENING year!

“Be ready to dive deep. The opportunity is there and David provides a safe supportive space.”
~ Anne Marie, Santa Rosa

“David holds a beautiful, welcoming, and forgiving space. His passion is clearly directed towards life and in service to the awakening of all. His wisdom runs deep and thorough. Satisfying for the mind, heart, and body.”
~ Lisa Price, Oakland

“Wow! No words. Heart wide, smile bright, energy flowing in deeeeeep appreciation. Receiving and savoring. Grateful. So much appreciation for all the heart, body and spirit wisdom that you bring in each precious unfolding moment. Thank you David. Your essence brings so much medicine.”
~ Lorina Manzanita, Somatic Relationship Coach and Workshop Leader, CA

David Imiri: David’s work is about awakening and stabilizing authentic Heart presence, with a focus on sacred intimacy. He brings deep and well-honed abilities of holding space, insight & articulation, intuition & gentle challenge, and nurturing care. Having practiced individual and relationship counseling, bodywork, and led groups for 30 years, David has received initiation in several spiritual traditions and been mentored by a number of eclectic trailblazers. Devotional by nature, his special pleasure is in mentoring clients and beloved friends into greater love, authenticity, self-empowerment, and expansive possibility. David aims to do all things in a relaxed spirit of skillful, creative play and adventure.