Ways you can support Passionate Awakenings

This is for folks who have participated at reduced rates or pro bono, or for anyone who feels moved to support my work.

All gratitude to you, the gifts of Angels always multiply.

There are many ways you can show your support, here’s some ideas:

☸ Write an honest testimonial (if you have experienced my work)
☸ Refer a client to me (I’ll give you a free session if they purchase a session package or training)
☸ Promote my sessions, trainings, website. (by email, social media, locally)
☸ Spread my business cards and postcards (ask me for some)
☸ Connect me to your local community, media, meetups, leaders, hosts, & organizers
☸ Consider hosting or organizing my visit (I sometimes travel for workshop tours & session intensives)
☸ Make a donation to Passionate Awakenings for scholarship matching fund (one time or monthly)
☸ Connect me to aligned folks who might be interested in being an Angel investor, backer, or benefactor

Send an honest Testimonial (written, video, audio)
Refer a Client, Attendee, or Professional (media, host, organizer, collaborator)
Donate to Passionate Awakenings Scholarship Matching Fund